Quality garden tools are an essential to make working in your garden enjoyable.  We stock a range of tools to suit every budget, and for every job.


Wolf Garten

The Wolf Garten range offer, good quality, specialist tools for each job.  The collection begins with a choice of handle.  Now you have the correct handle it is time to collect the many attachments for making jobs in the garden easier for you.  Happy gardening everyone.

The range has a 10-35 year guarantee.


Kent and Stowe 

Our Kent and Stowe range offers a variety of quality tools for different gardeners.

We stock:

  • Stainless steel-  Our stainless steel range has the strongest resistance to corrosion and rusting of the tools.  This comes with a 15 year warranty on each tool.
  • Carbon steel-  Like the stainless steel range this also comes with a 15 year warranty.  The carbon steel range offers a large array of long lasting and comfortable tools.
  • Garden life-  Our Garden life range offers smaller and 40% lighter  tools giving an older gardener a good quality group of tools that can be used effectively.
  • Kids-  The kids range offers smaller and lighter tools made to fit our younger gardeners.






Fiskars tools are quality tools made for every job in the garden.  Boasting a wide range of durable and effective tools.  Your garden will be your dream garden in no time.

Fiskars offer a 25 year guarantee on all tools in our store.