Bird seed and feeders

Breeding season for the birds -they will appreciate your help and you can watch them enjoying your feeders!

All available for no contact pre-paid car park collection (no minimum order)   or  local delivery, with a minimum £25 order.  Please email your order to, and include your phone number so that we can contact you to arrange payment and delivery.

Bird Feed Bundle

1 bucket of fat balls and  fat ball feeder, 1 x bag of peanuts and peanut  feeder, 1 x bag of no-mess bird seed and seed feeder  £37.90


   Sunflower Hearts sack £27.99

  Black Sunflower Seed sack £22.99

  Nyger seed sack £29.99

  Seed mix sack £9.99

Superior Wild Bird seed with Suet Sack £27.99

Superior Wild Bird seed with Insect Larvae sack £27.99

  Peanuts sack £29.99


Fat Ball tubs £7.99 per tub

Sunflower seeds 2,5kg

  Nyger Nibbles 2 kg £6.99

Insect and Seed Blend 2.5 kg £6.99

  Peanuts £8.99

No More Mess mix £4.99

Sunflower Hearts £6.99

   Mealworm Munch  £18.99